Giordano | Khakis for Ladies |Sold

Giordano Khakis

-sold to Zu.. thanks dear-

Levi's Lady Style

Levi's Lady Style

Size : W26
Length : 36.5" (approximately)
Condition : Used. Excellent condition.

MY Price : RM140 (including poslaju)


Levi's 578 | Jeans |Sold

Levi's 578

-Sold to Nurul-


Levi's 577 | Jeans | Code B |Sold

-Sold to KasutPutih! Thank you for your prompt payment-

Levi's 577 | Jeans | Code A

Greeting shoppers..

I am shrinking.. Thus, I am letting go some of my jeans since they are left in the closet for quite a while without giving me any chance to wear them. If you think they are pricey for preloved stuffs, the price is definitely negotiable but do be reasonable. Most of them are in excellent condition.

Picture (below) shows some defect (wear sign) since I didn't alter the jeans length. FYI, I am 1.52 m. Other than that, this jeans is in excellent condition.

Levi's 577 Jeans | Code A

Size : W26
Length : 37" (approx.)
Condition : Used. Excellent condition

MY Price : RM80 (including poslaju)

Levi's jeans to let go!!

Coming up!!