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Calvin Klein 
Eternity for men AQUA 



Calvin Klein Perfumes for Men..

Hi all..

We have 4 Calvin Klein perfumes to be sold here.. They are 100% genuine perfumes. And NO .. No rejected perfumes here. No offence.

 Please CLICK each perfume picture for scent description.

Eternity Aqua for men 100 ml.

ck be 100 ml. Please click picture for details. 
-Sold to T-

ck one 15 ml. 

ckfree for men 15 ml

All prices are postage included, meaning there is no additional charge.

This is real photo of items which are listed above. They have been in my friend's collection for a short period and it seems he's not a perfume guy.

If you are interested (or if you would like to have special price... >.< ), you can simply e-mail me at .

Cheers !!